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Forever alive !!!

On the grey dusty old tomb stone,covered by growing ivy wines, engraved with immortality the words yet remain….      

“I’ve found a way to live forever” 

The phoenix of irony just spreads its wings but dies its unfortunate death, as the lady whose bones remain buried here, never actually died ! Though her lifeless bones decay in her eternal grave… Yes ! She, who had none undying power, still remains, alive & with all her grace, still praised by every eye who saw, every mind who heard. 

She is an inspiration for many lost souls & a sedative for many disturbed hearts. Her never fading beauty, her wild innocence, her breath taking charm, her dark eyes glittering with flame of life, every curve of her bronze body, the cascade like fall of her brown hair …. all remain in  the form of her words. 

Souls fade,

Beings abate, 

Existence dwindles, 

But the words once said, 

always remain. 

    Yes, that lady did die when the death angle knocked on her door. But yet, she is alive in the form of her words, her writings still keep her above ground. The tunes she played like a piper, on which her words danced, still amuses the readers. The wordy cascade flowing from her pen, still quenches the thirst of many readers. 

The mind of all beings is the same though, thoughts are different. Our thoughts form our discrete personality. This notion raises or worsen our standards. People search for “fountain of youth” to live forever , though they just have to pour  some of their hearts on paper  to attain immortality. 

This woman with her paradoxical notion about eternal life, still remains in the hearts of her readers. She has attained immortality in her own fallacy.  

I wish to live forever in the same way. My world its frozen like ice because I wish it this way. My words remain dead frozen but they will keep me alive after I’m gone !!!  



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