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A night in the forest !!!(8th july)

I turned around to make sure that I was all alone, not that I was glad about being alone but on a damp dark night, in a thick forest, if you came alone its better that you stay that way. It was really dark & the frenzatic wet smell was lulling me to my unconsciousness… My favorite sneekers were covered in mud & everything from my hair to jeans were giving me a damp feel…
Oh God !!! Why do I always end up in such huge messes ?
Oh yea ! now the question arises how did I get here ? relax I am no crazy lunatic goth who loves wandering in the dark… I have a rational explanation for this whole situation & me getting stuck here ! My car broke down … just this simple 5 word explanation got me in such terrifying scene. I was on my way to home from my aunt’s house (who really drives me nuts) despite my parents warnings to stay where I was I left their house at about 7:00… I thought my killer driving speed will get me home before 9:30 but I think now its half past midnight & I am rambling in this horror movie set ALONE !!! Oh where is that damn prince charming when you need him ? huh !!!
It’s not that I am lost or anything but I am pretty sure I crossed this tree before. OK !!! now the question that raises his question mark is … Even if my car broke down what the hell am I doing in a forest, it’s not like you drive a car through woods… Hey !!! before you even go there I am a very good driver though I don’t have my licence yet but it’s totally not my fault cuz here where I live you have to be 18 or so to get authorized but whats my fault if I am a born driver… Anyway my car  gave up on me on a highway which happens to be going cross through these woods & as if I wasn’t in enough trouble my cell fone’s signal bar just went blank … like that !!! & when I got out of the car I slipped & ended up in this pit or whatever its called & now I am wandering lonely with my cell in my hands, like a crazy scientist who trys to establish connection with aliens, searching for signals…
Aahaa !!! got one bar… after doing my victory dance as the realization came to me… who the hell am I gonna call ??? My parents are out of question, my biggest enemy right now & if my dad found out that their angelic daughter is having fun in the woods especially at this time he is definitely going to get 3000 heart attacks all together & then he will recover & I’ll be dead…. so no calling dad ! ok now who else can I call, oh yea my cousin (my aunt’s son from whom I flee from just a few hours back )….. NEVER !!! but what choice do I have … zaroorat k waqt pr tou gadhe ko bhi bap banana prta hai na, so calling gadha ….
tooooooont …. toooont… tooon (thanks God I dont have to listen to any silly dial-tunes )
Him:helloo !!!
 me: umm hey !
Him: sup ??? (ok he definitely doesn’t know that I am off wandering……… cool )
me: listen I need your help ?
him : hm-mmm … (not cute)
me: (after telling the whole story) …
him: …. What the… ??? are you crazy & then bla bla bla
me: ( Tell-me tell-me tell-me something I dont know ?) so are you coming to get me or should I book a limousine ???
him: you crazy girl !!! you have no idea how much danger you have gotten yourself into ? you know how selfish & vile people are ??? (hain… ???)
me: I don’t know about people but the only threat I feel right now are the creepy crawlies … the centipede & the

 millipede & right now I see a green millipede who has its googly eyes on me so…. you better hurry !!! (engine roaring !!!)
him: I am on my way … try to trace you footsteps back from where you came from !!!
me: If you are coming … would you mind stopping at the Macdonald… I am sort of hungry after all the walking & screaming… ok bring Mc-crispy burger, large french fries, diet coke … umm… chocolate mc-flurry umm….
him: tumari barrat bhi saat leta hoa na aon ??? (really angry)
me: (ik tou meri shadi ki sab ko kyn pri rehati hai ?) ok ok drop the Mc-flurry… (yes I know I am  very… ;p)
& han jaldi aoo warna I am marrying that (gross) cute caterpillar !!! (yakh I can’t believe I said that !)
him: huff !!! (ok… enough torture… bulke naaawww what the heck ?) aren’t you scared ?
me: Scared !!! me ??? what… !!! No… (why should I be scared it’s not like I am in a wild forest alone ? )
him: stay with me on fone… if a wild animal eats you before I get there I wanna hear your screams so I could turn back  ( Screw you !!!)
…trying to trace back where I came from … I finally got there… I can see the headlights of my car… after some 2000 years my cousin despite my mocking finally reached to rescue me !!!
As I sat silently beside him in the passenger seat listening to his timely lectures, I realized something that I really did have a trilling adventure … one of my best experiences ever !!!
Oh !!! when I finally reached home(his not mine) I was greeted by my family & his !!! like the old hindi movie style … amma roti hoi ai … meri beti !!! (what ??? can’t a girl dream… ok here is what really happened:
Things did fall upon my expectations… & whatever happened after that … you could probably guess !!! ….. but me !!! I had fun that night & still despite the scolding & threats by my parents & cousin I am still damn sure about going on any such adventure in future ( oh I hope Mom doesn’t read this )
han han pta hai mai bht wo0o hon 😉


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