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Evil Eye !

When it comes to the human head, no feature has quite the reputation for villainy as the old hairy eyeball.

We don’t refer to the murderous mouth, the nasty nostril or the baleful ear. Oh, the tongue may lash, but its bark is worse than its bite. True terror resides in the eye.

It has always been this way, or at least as close to always as we can tell. The theme of the Evil Eye runs deep and wide in human history. Universally it describes a look inspired by maliciousness or jealousy. Also universally it is blamed for causing everything from garden-variety bad luck to toothaches, headaches, disease and death.

Why the eye?

 “Staring is a way of asserting one’s dominance and of expressing interest in another person,” says Ohio State University psychologist Gerald Winer. “It can be viewed as an intrusion. And it’s a short step from casting a glance to casting a spell.”

You must be wondering why I am suddenly interested in all this “evil eye” business ? Well I was just sorting out somethings when I stumbled upon an old pendent …. an evil eye. I got it from an old aunt. 2 years ago I went to Hyderabad with my father on his business trip. We were invited to a dinner by one of his friends. As my father is too protective to leave me at the hotel room alone, he took me with him. At their house I was met by a huge family. They greeted us & I earned the most stares especially by all the old aunts, who mumbled things in sindhi like “ooww! she is a fair youth” & “Her dark hair shines with warmth of sun”(My sindhi is not that good, she said something relating to my hair , the sun & the sunlight, I made up the sentence)  & ” She is not wearing any mascara or kajal — Oh God! save her “. As I was busy deciphering their mumbles an old women came to me, she took some kajal from her eye & placed a little dot on the base of my wrist. Oh God !!! I was so paranoid. When we were about to leave she gave me a bracelet woven in black thread, it had a blue stone in the center. Later I found out it was Lapis Lazuli which is suppose to protect you from evil eye.

I don’t know whether to believe it or not but she believed it as she advised me never to take it off, I took it off & lost it soon after that 😉



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