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Last year in college !

Another year….
I’ve never been one of those school loving types, frankly I go to school cuz I dont have anything better to do…. A girl can get tired of sleeping & TV , can’t she ? so to avoid boredom to death I find my escape to school ! What ??? everyone has his reasons ­čÖé
I’ve survived over the last 11 years of school & college ┬á(Oh in Pakistan high school is from 6th to 10th grade & college starts at 11th grade) & believe me I’ve lived as a legend cuz I’m one of those you know high-scorers type & the teachers’ eye candy & oh also the one who bore all the punishments a.k.a the only alive & colourful person in a group of yes-ma’m-saying zombies in a not-so-horrible-graveyard a.k.a a class …. My over all “experience” of torture in the name of education, was hilarious but come on !!! 9 years minus a score ( a score is equal to 20 years — 20years-9years = 11 years ;p) are enough. I’d say they are more then enough… huh !!! ok ok Who am I to criticise our academic curriculum ? Honestly I don’t know what would happen if every one followed my rules—- oh I know A WORLD WIDE DISASTER !!! & we dont want that, do we ? ( o & this is for all those who wanted me to be their class president, bad idea mates “careful what you wish for ?”)
My classes are starting from monday & I haven’t even bought the uniform yet haha !!! talk about being laaazzzzyy
… but this year its not like the other years… its the last year of college ! the last year with my friends ! this is where my care-free, lunatic teenage life will end !!! cuz personally I don’t think my such care-free attitude will be tolerated in a hospital (cuz I’m planning to be a doctor InshaAllah) & I don’t want to ‘frighten’ my patients or bring a disgrace on ┬áthe serious name of doctors!…
Its strange how time flies … ┬ábefore I know it this year will be over… & eventually I’ll forget all about it !!!


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