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My Journey to Life !!!

When i’ll be long gone
and only partly remained,
the birds will be singing
as they knew me by name,

as i’ll be lying calmly in eternal bed,
the morning sun will be sowing new born seeds,
from where beautiful tomorrows will breed,
and a new day will start glittering bright
& i’ll be frozen in a lonely dark night …

The ancient buildings buried,
New’ll be constructed on the ruins,
The ocean water will rain to spring,
The sheded leaves will be grown again,
The fresh life will began,

So when the morning flame greets you, There my shadow will be,
And if you are unsure of its company,
Just know that its me,

Send me away with a farewell,
Dont look behind,
The time once gone never rewinds.
Just say one last goodbye,
& i’ll know now its safe to die !!!

I’ll go where my death leads me,
Where ever it is, its for eternity !!!
I ‘ll be alive with all the bliss
As I was never at the time
when people said I lived !!!



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