About !!!

I'm free......... yet frozen !!!

Hey !!!

I would tell you but then I’ve to kill you ! lol

I’ve never written anything about myself up till now… & now I really regret dozing off during classes of 1st grade when we were being forced to write paragraphs on “Myself”

I’m just a normal girl…I’ve no exceptional qualities like most people pretend to posses …I have passion for writing & it regales me how the twist & turns of my words form thought seizing patterns.

I’m nothing, yet everything… I’m simple, yet complicated in my simplicity… I’m a girl who believes in all fairy tales, hopes that all fictions come true. I wish upon shooting stars. I always keep an eye open for good luck leaves ….. Along with all  these things a part of me knows that they’ll never come true…A part of me is as vibrant as a child while the other is as dull as death…

I’m sort of like a backstage worker… I hate being in the limelight.

I’m the girl who watches Grey’s Anatomy to strengthen her heart but when someone I love is in trouble I go to the extremes to help him out ………….

I’m many things………….

My everyday life is a life of dreams….. In the end I always get what I want(well sometimes) ! A perfect loving family, my graceful parents, an annoying younger sister, some jerk\ rock stars as friends. My intelligence, not-so-bad looks ( & yes I love praising myself) & last but not the least my passion for writing. I think I am a spoiled brat as in my symptoms are of a shopaholic & an over spender but then again I am miser whenever it comes to my money( correction my pocket-money as I am not authorized enough to earn myself ) but mostly whenever I go out I always end up window shopping cuz I’m usually out with my friends  or cousins who are not so generous to pay for my life saving supplies (i.e a gorgeous pair of heels etc etc) so I am more like a window shopaholic (if that even exists)

Most people say they like change but me ahn ahn I like life as it is whether it’s a small change like buying a new cell fone (p.s I still use the same cell phone I bought in 2008) or its a life changing scene like shifting to France( yea ! I wish) I don’t like it !!!

& yes !!! I am a queen but A QUEEN OF DRAMA lol whenever there is any hullabaloo, I am at the center of it !!! Seriously I don’t even know how I always end up there !


16 responses to “About !!!

  1. hi there Queen of Narnia:P nice blog esp header!!

  2. i always like to stay low too…my sister is the only to hogs the light since we were little so i am used to it now and plus i dont like all the attention either. great blog…i love the pattern in the back and your theme is super awesome

  3. Mm-hmm, your blog is a little scary. Especially all the photos I just saw on the tab I just closed that contained your front page of the blog 😐 But I like the overall decoration of this blog, though. However, don’t you think it’s a little hard to read all italic paragraphs? Especially when eyes already hurt as the texts are white against the dark. Don’t mind I’m just saying what I felt. 😦

  4. What a simply description about yourself and yet you have told shared so much. Nice blog and I hope to visit regularly.

  5. you just remind me of someone, she used to call herself a “Grave Queen”.you know what really fancied me about her?her vanity (she was so damn haughty), her fake fictitious character, her melancholic sort of nature, her gloomy soul but nevertheless she was so fancy.i was so curious & agog about to encounter real her merely once, to find out that what’s lay behind this fake fancy mask but alas! she gone vanished.

  6. I relate to the shopaholic part 🙂

  7. ajay

    Free yet frozen! I loved this line. Writing about myself is one thing I can’t do. Nice looks and awesome header. Why your world is frozen? 🙂

  8. Androgoth

    Ice Queen

    Yes I think that you have a very interesting Space here my friend and although your last posting was back in August I will be calling back for a browse around your world of blogging…

    Be well now and do enjoy a most wicked weekend…


  9. I’m searching a ‘like’ button! 🙂 And thank you for dropping by my e-journal!

  10. Too many indirect praises :p

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