I write when I’m bored !

“Do you like your coffee black or white ?”
do you ever get the feeling when every vein of your body dries up to painful thirst
when every nerve in your body screams for everything to end
the air grows tight around you 
it starts suffocating you 
you feel no love no regret no remorse just this empty dead feeling inside
nothing in this world matters then 
you stand at the edge of an abyss waiting to plunge…. to take a leap in faith
your fierceness your determination frightens you and you realize how close you are to insanity

 “Black please”
black its a wonder how many shades a color can have … how all of them mix together to give it its majesty.
“sugar or no sugar ma’am”
how people are clueless ? are they really that blind … can’t she see the fight I’m having with myself, with my conscience and insanity ?
can’t she see how hard I’m trying to reason with myself …. 
“no sugar”
this waitress, she is standing being oblivious to ticking time bomb I’m ! But then again the ignorance saves her, if she only knew that i was a killer, i killed my mother’s dreams. I’m a fraud, i cheated my dad’s expectations. I’m a liar, a selfish, ego centric beast…but still I’m not that bad am I ?

“would you like cream with it ?”
Haha cream its a delicacy it’s very much like life…. a little overheated and its gets burnt just like mine
“no !! no cream…”
i hate things which are soft and delicate like i use to be
“as you wish ma’am”
as i wish ?
oh really someone finally in this world cares about my desires
 i look at her she’d be a year younger than me her sparkling black eyes, her cheaply dyed brown curls, her strawberry soap fragrance and her neatly pressed uniform her name tag says her name Cynthia

“Cynthia ? right”
“um yes ma’am Cynthia with a “c”
she says with a bright smile
she’s hoping for a tip and she defiantly is in for a treat !
“well Cynthia how would you like to DIE ?”
It took her a moment to realize what I’ve said, an expression of pure shock crossed her eyes
 “Bulls eye”
“um excuse me ?”
she’s calculating her options of escape
too much tv these days
she never even considers the option of me being insane 
she just instantly jumped to conclusion of me being a serial killer or a vampire.
pathetic !!!
“well you heard me Cynthia with a “c”
how would you like to die
a simple death in your sleep, by an accident
or by being staked ?”
 She swallows hard
her breathing increases by every passing second
looks like I’ve given her a real fright a scare Hahaha
she makes for the counter in a hurry to escape whatever evil I’ve planned for her
“Cynthia ?”
she comes to a halt
she’s terrified, She slowly turns to look at me her hands shaking along with the memo she’s holding
“bring the bill… !!!”



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14 responses to “I write when I’m bored !

  1. “Do you like your coffee black or white ?”
    Another day another customer… where am i going… Life is so unfair… Why do they get to have all the fun and I have to work like a mule just to survive in this society?
    ”Black please”
    Yea, just like my life… devoid of all love, hope and filled with nothing but darkness
    and so on… You forget there are 2 sides to every coin and every side is equally interesting…

  2. you remind me of a dear friend, hibba…she is just like you (in a way) and well we are all insane in one way or another, liars, cheaters, killers…you name it:)
    but seriously, no sugar??
    c’mon life is pretty bitter in itself no need to make it more unbearable but in the end…“as you wish ma’am” 🙂

  3. I love how you wrote this! Sort of like reading between the lines. Literally!

  4. thats brilliant writing ! … would be awesome if you write the cynthia’s story too 🙂

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