mY waY t0 tHe daRk !!!

I’ve lost the Truth
can’t find the Light
there’s only Darkness by my side

The Shadows seep
into my soul bringing
me shades and
making me whole

An empty wholeness
so incomplete
an aching scar a pain so sweet

Come Darkness take my hand
and guide me to your
Promised Land !!!



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2 responses to “mY waY t0 tHe daRk !!!

  1. amazing, smiles.
    love your taste of poetry.

  2. reminding you to take the perfect poet award from poets rally week 48 today, visit me to see the award image, nominate another poet for week 49.
    a poet nominated you, this is on behalf of you, the poets who honor you and poets rally ..officially award, hope to see you post it.
    make a comment under the award post after you are done.
    bless you.

    join week 49 this Thursday…

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