My Journey to Life !!!

When i’ll be long gone
and only partly remained,
the birds will be singing
as they knew me by name,

as i’ll be lying calmly in eternal bed,
the morning sun will be sowing new born seeds,
from where beautiful tomorrows will breed,
and a new day will start glittering bright
& i’ll be frozen in a lonely dark night …

The ancient buildings buried,
New’ll be constructed on the ruins,
The ocean water will rain to spring,
The sheded leaves will be grown again,
The fresh life will began,

So when the morning flame greets you, There my shadow will be,
And if you are unsure of its company,
Just know that its me,

Send me away with a farewell,
Dont look behind,
The time once gone never rewinds.
Just say one last goodbye,
& i’ll know now its safe to die !!!

I’ll go where my death leads me,
Where ever it is, its for eternity !!!
I ‘ll be alive with all the bliss
As I was never at the time
when people said I lived !!!



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46 responses to “My Journey to Life !!!

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  2. beautiful, what a stunning piece of art.
    I love your blog template and your words are magical and fulfilling.

    keep it up.
    Happy Rally.

  3. Well said. Nice flow to it and a message clearly conveyed!

  4. Philosophical–great graphics!

  5. have fun in the rally.

    visit and explore fresh talents among your peers. bless your weekend,

  6. kez

    wow a powerful piece beautifully written …thank you so much for sharing

  7. Just beautiful. Makes me want to enjoy each and every day while I am alive. Thanks you!

  8. Powerful and beautifull poem well written πŸ™‚

  9. Wow! You certainly do have a way with words. Caught up in some wonderful images here. Beautifully penned…..

  10. Lovely poem – a sense of continuity and eternity of life emerge from your words..the birds singing and the morning sun sowing new born seeds:))

  11. Matches my mood very well today.

  12. Very nice poem. Simple yet deep!

  13. ZQ

    Jeesh! With such creativity and lust for another dimension, I would think you would share the joy of life with us too! I make this comment because your writing spoke to me and was very successful in conveying your thoughts and imagery. There is a light of beauty sparkling of life.

  14. stunningly beautiful and creative.

    I have subscribed πŸ™‚

  15. I love this line:
    the morning sun will be sowing new born seeds,
    from where beautiful tomorrows will breed

  16. Beautiful poem, reminds me of a few of the old war poems, the attitue of do not mourn me, live on, I’ve got the better deal. Very optimistic piece, in an odd way. I love how the lines point out that our life is fleeting and has little true baring upon the world, yet does not make you feel too pessimistic.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  17. truely awesome, touchy, soulful… describing end was never so artistic…. extarordinaire feel reading each word taking you very near to where its started,.. when it begins,,it has to end…
    artistic difference…

  18. SamaraMarie

    You write so beautifully, and your philosophy is honest and chilling. Only the individual knows if he/she feels joy within. Alive, the feeling of joy may not be felt. But resting in peace may finally bring about that joy.

  19. For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.
    Thank you so much for your lovely thought !!! I really appreciate it… I am looking forward to your future comments.

  20. Beautifully expressed, wonderful images. I love this line “The time once gone never rewinds”. So true. A lovely write and the image is beautiful πŸ™‚

  21. WoW! Such powerful writing and I loved your image.

    Nicely done!

  22. the way you weave with words is way more than just mesmerizing:)

  23. omg this is so nice and beautiful!!! i love your writing girl!!!

  24. these are very beautiful words queen πŸ™‚

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